Francis and Francis X7 iperEspresso Machine

Francis and Francis X7 iperEspresso Machine



  • Beautiful Francis and Francis! design
  • Uses illy iperEspresso pods
  • Two filter baskets for single pod and double pods
  • Steam wand arm for making cappuccinos and lattes
  • 18 bar pump for brewing and steaming
  • Two phase extraction for quality espresso and no mess
  • Auto-Stop function for perfect cup volume
  • Built-in cup warmer



     When I first saw the Francis and Francis X7, I felt the excitement of a kid seeing his first race car. It’s no coincidence, since the Francis and Francis line of espresso machines was inspired by Ferrari. The Francis and Francis X7 is a speedy espresso machine in more ways than just looks. With the utmost convenience you can pop in an iperEspresso pod and have a delicious, frothy shot in almost no time. The Francis and Francis X7 makes brewing an espresso easy and simple. You don’t need to measure, grind and tamp to enjoy an excellent shot of espresso – with the ready to brew iperEspresso pods, Francis and Francis does all the work for you.

Francis and Francis X7 Control Panel: The Francis and Francis X7 boasts beautifully back-lit buttons, all with intuitive icons for maximum user comfort. The center button is surrounded by temperature indicators that show the current water temperature as the boiler is heating up. Once the water has reached the appropriate temperature, the X7 will beep to indicate it is ready for brewing. Also displayed is the steam icon, the coffee cup, a warning indicator, the power button and the Illy by Francis Francis logo. The steam icon lights up when this function is engaged.

Francis and Francis X7 Frothing Wand: The X7 is equipped with a highly-functional frothing wand for making cappuccinos and lattes. Once you have pressed the steam button, the machine will indicate with a beep when it is fully warmed up. At this point you just open the steam knob to the right of the machine to start the flow of steam, and you simply close the knob to shut off the flow of steam. The Francis and Francis X7 steam wand is maneuverable so that you can place a frothing picture under the frothing wand. The frothing wand does double-duty in that it is used to make Americanos or for making Tea by simply injecting the hot steam into an existing container of water. The hot steam quickly and efficiently heats up the water you will be using to make your Americano or other beverage.

Francis and Francis X7 Cup Warmer: The X7 ingeniously uses the heat generated by the boiler to heat the warm cup plate located at the top of the machine. Francis and Francis even went the extra step of putting an attractive ring around the cup warmer to prevent your espresso cups from being knocked over. The residual heat from the broiler safely dissipates leaving you with thoroughly warmed cups.

How to Brew Your Shot of Espresso: To brew a delicious shot of frothy espresso with your Francis & Francis X7, first ensure that the center coffee cup icon is illuminated. Then, remove the capsule holder and insert a Illy iperEspresso capsule into it and place the holder back into the machine. Finally press the center button to start the brewing and press once more to stop the flow. Be sure to throw the used capsule away once you have pulled your shot. To make a double shot of espresso, you will use the double pod holder and follow the same steps, brewing first one shot and then the next.

Francis and Francis Water Supply: The Francis and Francis X7 is equipped with a blue-plastic water reservoir with a capacity of approx. 40 oz. The reservoir is easy to see through to check the remaining level of water. The reservoir can be easily removed for refilling and cleaning. To keep your Francis and Francis X7 running in perfect condition, the machine comes with a decalcification solution which should be used every 3-4 months. There is no guess-work however, since the Francis and Francis X7 will automatically indicate when decalcification is needed.

Francis and Francis X7 Cleaning: Cleaning could not be any easier with X7 since both the drip tray and, as mentioned above, the water reservoir are easy to remove and reset in place.


     If you are looking for an absolutely beautiful and stylish espresso machine that makes great quality espresso with no mess – the Francis and Francis X7 is your machine. The simple and easy one-touch operation of the X7 makes your morning routine all the more enjoyable. The Francis and Francis X7 makes a rich crema that even the most discriminating espresso lover will enjoy. Click here to buy the Francis and Francis X7 or to read more reviews on this iconic machine.


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