Francis Francis! is a well-known espresso manufacturer that is wholly owned by the Italian firm illy. The Francis and Francis line of espresso machines are reknowned for their attractive and unique design. Francis and Francis espresso machines have become immensely popular in the home espresso machine market.


Francis Francis! was founded in 1994 by Francesco Illy. The original design of the Francis and Francis espresso machine was by Luca Trazzi, an italian architect. The design has been enormously successful and as a result the Francis Francis X1 is reputed to be the most photographed espresso machine in the world. The company was purchased by illy in 2004 and since then Francis and Francis has been an important part of the illy business, being inseparable from the illy coffee brand.


Francis and Francis espresso machines have been consistently improved since illy purchased the brand, resulting in greater acceptance by connoisseurs and increased popularity in the home espresso market. Francis and Francis was among the first manufacturers to adopt the Easy Serving Espresso Pod (ESE Pod) as an optional feature. The ESE pods have been wildly popular due to the elimination of the need to measure, grind and tamp the grounds. ESE pods are simple to use and allow for an easier clean-up since they can simply be discarded after use.


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